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A Simple Way to Clean House

In order to follow this simple system, you will need to do battle with your perfectionism. You will have to give up the notion of “doing it right”, and just do it. When it has to be perfect and sterilized and magazine ready, that adds a lot of pressure to the mix, and most people put things off until they can be done “correctly”. Then… Read More »A Simple Way to Clean House

A Peaceful House – The Entry

Clutter and housecleaning can be a major source of stress! Stress causes and worsens illness. Peace in our homes radiates out into our relationships, and our health. So, I’m going to spend some time discussing some practical issues. Let’s start with the entry of the home. Whatever you have to work with, your entry should say “Welcome home!”—not, “You’ve got so much work to do… Read More »A Peaceful House – The Entry

Are You Overwhelmed by Paper?

If piles of paper are spilling onto the floor from every horizontal surface of your house, if you have boxes of paper stashed in the back of your closet and in your garage, you are not alone. However, it’s probably making you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and even depressed. Here’s what to do when your paper has gotten way out of control. Believe it can be… Read More »Are You Overwhelmed by Paper?

3 Basic Principles to Help You Keep Your House (and Life) Running Smoothly

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed by our houses, our schedules, and our lives. We are not living with joy; we are struggling just to get through the day, only to collapse exhausted at night, and get up the next day to start the whole horrible process again. We are living in chaos! Here are three principles to help us as we try to get… Read More »3 Basic Principles to Help You Keep Your House (and Life) Running Smoothly

Is Everything Falling Apart?

Without even knowing you, I bet that a lot of your problems could be handled by putting systems into place. Let me explain. Let’s say that your house is in chaos. The grandparents are coming to visit; you spend 3 days cleaning and getting ready. You yell at your spouse and children to help you. You are completely exhausted when the grandparents finally arrive and… Read More »Is Everything Falling Apart?

Are You Drowning in Clutter?

  Clutter is a powerful source of stress, anxiety and depression. It causes problems with our relationships and with our physical and mental health. And yet it is so prevalent in our society. It’s interesting to look up the definition of “clutter”. And, of course, we all have our own definition. (One person’s clutter is another person’s happy place.) One of the issues with clutter… Read More »Are You Drowning in Clutter?


Radical Thoughts About Christmas

At the risk of “coming out” as a subversive, I have something to say to you that might shock you, but I also hope it will help you. I have seen lots of posts about how to have a simpler Christmas, how to lower stress at Christmas, how to get along with hideous relatives, etc. Apparently, you can get away with only baking three different… Read More »Radical Thoughts About Christmas