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Once upon a time...

That’s how it starts! How it continues is up to you.
Because life is not the fairytale you expected…

Live Your Ever After Now

Most of us experience feelings and life events that don’t match up with the life we planned in our dreams, but there’s good news. You can live your “happily ever after”!

Building a happy marriage is a journey. The first step on that journey is recognizing you need help.

Do any of these warning signs apply to your marriage?

  1. You are barely speaking to each other.
  2. You are withholding affection as a form of punishment.
  3. You or your spouse are keeping secrets.
  4. You are financially “unfaithful” to your spouse.
  5. You are contemplating (or having) an affair.
  6. Every small thing turns into a BIG thing.
  7. You can’t appropriately communicate without being cruel to your spouse.
  8. Your sex life has changed dramatically and you feel your needs are not being met.
  9. You can never agree on any topic regarding the children in the house.

Your marriage is worth saving.

If your marriage is in trouble it isn’t too late to do something to save it.

Hello, my name is Lynn Busch, and I want to help you start living your ever after now!

Are You Ready To Live Happy?

When you are ready to improve your marriage and live your happily ever after now, give me a call to book a counseling session.

Counseling Specialties

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