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3 Tips to Make Getting Your Children Off to School Easier!

Good morning! I hope you are having better bedtimes (read previous post). Now it’s time to get your children out of bed and off to school. Here are some tips to help de-stress mornings at your house. Help your child establish the habit of laying out his/her clothes the night before. This one tip is worth its weight in blog posts! If every single thing… Read More »3 Tips to Make Getting Your Children Off to School Easier!

How to run your household like a Boss

How to run your household like a Boss

Are you running to keep up and feeling like you are failing? It could very well be that you are lacking one very important concept. If your home life is a source of almost constant friction and irritation, sometimes spiking into intense frustration, hopelessness, and despair, and then degenerating into resentment and blame, then I want to ask you something: How do you get things… Read More »How to run your household like a Boss

When Life Gets Overwhelming

And we are scrambling to keep up, press pause with me for a minute. Let’s talk about all this. There may be a number of things that you have no control over right now. Are you and your spouse working from home? Do you have children that are now home as well? When your stress level has risen considerably, look at what you can control.… Read More »When Life Gets Overwhelming

Help I'm Married To A Slob

Help! I’m Married to a Slob!

I have had numerous clients – both men and women—who are in severe distress because their spouses are messy and/or are not doing their fair share of the housework, and it is driving them crazy. Some have been so miserable that they have seriously considered divorce. They have tried everything and it isn’t working, and they just can’t live like this anymore. If this is… Read More »Help! I’m Married to a Slob!

One reason you are not having sex

Most people have problems in the bedroom at one time or another. And sometimes those problems can be complicated. But SOMETIMES it’s pretty straightforward.  Ahem. Do your children come into your bedroom quite often? Do they climb into bed with you when they are scared, etc.? Does no one in your house stay in their own bed all night long? Do you drag pillows and… Read More »One reason you are not having sex

Family Getting On Your Nerves During Lockdown?

Are you now in the situation so many others are dealing with? Two people working from home in addition to home schooling your children? Feeling a bit crowded? Or perhaps downright bloodthirsty? Don’t let the guilt consume you –just because you want to murder someone doesn’t mean you don’t love him/her. However, murder is a messy, inefficient solution to the problems you are now facing.… Read More »Family Getting On Your Nerves During Lockdown?

Do You and Your Spouse Fight Over Housework?

Couples fight over housekeeping all the time. Take two people with different ideas about what “clean” means, different expectations about what is acceptable, throw in a busy schedule, a couple of children, a dog and/or a cat or two, (or six-Ahem!) and you’ve got all the ingredients necessary for a trip to the marriage counselor. What to do?