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Your House Might Be Making You Sick!

House making you sick

House making you sickIf you live with a lot of daily stress, your house might be the cause.

The thing is, we don’t always correctly identify the source of our problems. We may think our families are causing us stress when it is really our house. I do not think it is necessary to renovate your house or to move to a different one.  Slowly but surely, start looking at every single thing in your house and getting rid of what you no longer love. Do you have a beautiful teapot that your ex mother in law gave you? Every time you look at it, do you feel a little frisson of regret and sadness? Say good-bye to that teapot, even if it is expensive, and you loved getting it at the time. Turn it into a gift for someone who will love it! Even if something is beautiful or useful, if there are any negative feelings attached to it, say goodbye. Everything in your house should create a place of peace and love.

Develop rituals that take care of your house. Make sure you like your housecleaning tools. Don’t “fight” with your house. Make friends with it, and invite it into a new relationship of peace, rest and joy. When you live in a place that does not cause stress hormones to flood your body, you may start to feel better. A house of love is powerfully healing.