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You Can’t Fix It

We all need to know this before we can have a peaceful, enjoyable life. We do not get to remodel another person even if that person needs remodeling!  We can’t fix that person. When a child gets cancer and dies, we can’t fix it.  When our child gets involved with drugs and throws his/her life away, we can’t fix it. When your mother doesn’t love you no matter what you do, you can’t fix it. When someone with severe diabetes is stuffing his/her face with Twinkies, you can’t fix it.

I do not think we should all become complacent and accept evil as inevitable! But I know in the depths of my being that I can’t fix it. And this knowledge gives me peace. I can respond to a person or a situation with love and compassion, and sometimes practical assistance. I can help people sometimes. I can sometimes even be present when someone decides to change his/her life. But I can’t fix it. None of us can. We were never meant to carry that burden.

[Tweet “When you know you can’t fix it, and you know it’s not your fault, you can forgive, and you can accept forgiveness.”]

You can acknowledge that your life is a gift, and that it is worth protecting and savoring. You can allow yourself to receive the good in the world. You can stop trying to fix it. You can stop feeling guilty. You can start living and enjoying your life.