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Wrong Beliefs Could Be Ruining Your Life!

Wrong Beliefs Could Be Ruining Your LifeI want to take some time and really look at some of the beliefs that guide us in our lives and relationships. They are so important! When we believe something that isn’t true we become imprisoned by that wrong belief and we hurt ourselves and our loved ones. Just because the majority of people believe something, it could still be wrong. Remember, Hitler was not alone in his belief that Germany and the world would be better off if all the Jews were killed. That particular wrong belief resulted in six million Jews losing their lives, and caused immeasurable harm to the entire world.

Some of the wrong beliefs I want us to look at are:

  • I can control other people’s behavior, thoughts and speech.
  • I deserve to have mind-blowing sex.
  • The purpose of other people in my life is to make me happy.
  • I can drink 4 glasses of liquor every night and not become ill.
  • I can go to bed at 3 a.m. and get up at 5 a.m. and still function.
  • I can take recreational drugs and not compromise my health.
  • I can drink sodas and energy drinks every day and not have any health consequences.
  • I can and should look like I’m 25 years old even when I’m 45 years old.
  • I need to make sure my child is happy.
  • I need to make sure I am happy.
  • If I forgive someone it means I condone their behavior.
  • People never change.
  • People have to agree with me, like me, accept me and treat me in a certain way.
  • If I’m not good at something, I shouldn’t have to do it.