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Wrong Belief # 10: If I’m Not Good at Something, I Shouldn’t Have to Do It

This wrong belief causes a lot of stress, but the reality is there are certain things we all have to learn how to do in order to live our lives.

For example, we have to learn how to clean our houses, manage our money, take care of our health (which will involve a certain amount of cooking), get along with other people, make and manage our schedules, etc. Just because you are not “good at” cleaning the bathroom, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to do it. If not, we have to purchase solutions and/or hope someone else will take care of us. Even if you hire help, we should all know how to do these basic life skills. Otherwise, we become a nation of idiot savants who are brilliant at our jobs, but can’t boil an egg when we get home!

Often, married couples become angry at the other spouse because (s)he has failed to clean, organize, cook, pay the bills, help with childcare, etc. This wrong belief, and the resulting looking outward for someone else to do whatever they aren’t good at, may hinder both people.

The truth is, you don’t have to be good at something to learn basic skills that will lower the stress in your life immensely.

Don’t be afraid to take a closer look at whatever it is in your life that you think you’re not good at.

Perhaps you are afraid that trying to cook will show you that you are inferior in some way. You may not think it’s enjoyable, but it will make you feel better to have some basic skills. And no matter how much you feel you don’t know, anything you cook at home is probably healthier than anything you eat out. As you gain practice, your confidence will also increase. Try not to be perfectionistic and compare your cooking to all the foodies and the chefies.

The cooking example holds true for all other basic life skills as well. Whatever your handicap, you can find a way around it and find a system that will work for you. You’re not getting a grade on it, so just approach the skill from a functional standpoint. And please, give yourself the necessary time to learn what you need to and to practice implementation. You can do this!