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You Are Worthy of Love!

You are worthy of love

You are worthy of loveAs a human being, you are worthy of love. There will never in all of history be another person exactly like you. There are a lot of reasons we feel we may not be worthy of love, so let’s look at some of these together right now. I hope by the end of this post, you will see what I do – that there is no reason why you cannot begin to love yourself right now.

  1. I am not worthy of love because I am fat, old, my hair is falling out, or I have other physical imperfections. (This list could go on indefinitely!) Ok-your body is not perfect. It never was-even when you were twenty one. It never will be. And yet, your body is amazing! Think of all it can do, and has done for you. It is the vehicle that lets you move through your life, and it lets you love other people, and nature. Your body is worthy of love and respect. P.S. Nobody is perfect- that’s why they invented air-brushing!
  2. I don’t deserve love because I have done something really awful that can never be forgiven. Forgiveness does not mean that what you did was not awful. It allows you to begin anew, to accept that you were wrong and that you can now choose to live differently. Your life is still valuable, and you are still valuable, and you are still worthy of love. Love and forgiveness are greater than the awful things you have done.
  3. I don’t deserve love because my parents did not love me. I guess I am just not lovable. Your parents may not have loved you, but they were wrong! It hurt you terribly, but your parents do not get to determine whether or not you are lovable. You are lovable because you are here.
  4. I am not worthy of love because there is something terribly wrong with me that can never be fixed. Ok, let’s say that is true. But it’s still perfectionism! Even if you have elephantitis and are a sociopath, you are still a human being worthy of love! You are not perfect, and you never will be. You will never “get it right”, and you will always face challenges, whether internal or external.

I think I have covered enough of this never-ending list to go ahead and let you in on a little secret: Love is not necessarily the reward for being “good enough”. It is the cure for what ails us. Let us decide to love ourselves in the face of our massive unworthiness. I think we will find the power of love is strong medicine.