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What Nobody Told You About Your Wife

When you and your wife said “I do”, you might have thought you had completed your goal of getting married and therefore could now turn your attention to accomplishing the next thing on your list. In her mind, she thought you had started the marriage. You are not done! Not by a long chalk. You are going to have to pay attention to your wife. So many husbands make the mistake of ignoring their wives. They are shocked when their wives file for divorce and promise to change, but often by the time she files, she is done. It’s too late. 

The message your wife is constantly exposed to, just by virtue of living in our current culture, is that nothing is ever enough. (Yes, I know, you may be familiar with that message yourself!) But, trust me, the soup she is living in is a bit different from yours. Be her supporter. Verbally tell her she is doing a good job. Compliment her on what she contributes to your life. Compliment her on her appearance. This does not have to be complicated. Tell her you like what she made for dinner. Appreciate her. This will change everything.

When you come home, greet your wife FIRST—before the dog, before the children. Try to have that first bit of time when you reconnect after your day. Be pleasant. If you had a bad day, wait just a bit before you complain. Let her know you’re glad to see her.

If in your mind, you decide that your wife is the most important person in your world—more important than yourself, more important than your children, and you communicate that to her and let her know she is precious to you, you will have gone a long way to having a very happy marriage. 

Bonus points if you plan a date night!

Consider making an appointment with a marriage counselor, not because your marriage is in terrible distress, but because you want to make it as good as you possibly can. As a husband, you have so much power for good in the world.