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What is Your Prime Directive?

Is it to be sure you get everything you want in life? Is it to make sure no one takes advantage of you? Is it to be “fierce”? Is it to make sure your spouse knows that he/she can’t tell you what to do? Is it to make sure that you are in control? Is it to make sure that you are not taken for granted? Do you want more money, more sex, more attention, more thrilling experiences? How much more? How will you know when you have crossed the finish line? Who do you want to be there at the end cheering you on? Who do you want to share your life with? Or is everyone in your life just there to support you? These are questions worth thinking about – for all of us – married or single – with or without children.

We must ask ourselves if we are strong enough to spend some of our life energy on something other than ourselves. Are we strong enough to take some of the hard knocks life dishes out and still think of others, and still be faithful? Yes, I know, there is give and take. But there will be times in life when there seems to be a whole lot of give and very little take. There is a belief floating around out there that if you aren’t happy in your marriage, you should be strong enough to walk away. Strong enough to be independent.

I am asking: are you strong enough to stay? Strong enough to be unhappy and still be faithful? Are our lives all about making ourselves happy? I’m just asking.