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What Have I Not Yet Considered?

What could I be missing? We should ask ourselves that question periodically, especially if we are looking at a problem. Often, we look at problems from an increasingly “stuck” place, and don’t realize that we may be missing information from other perspectives that could help us approach the problem more effectively.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.  You must learn to see the world anew.” – Albert Einstein. 

So, how do we find what we might be missing? We can begin just by asking ourselves the question. It alerts us to pay attention, and to be open to receive some new information. 

For example, say you are suffering from terrible anxiety, and you don’t understand why. What could you be missing? You might begin by asking questions you would ask a friend who had come to you for help: Am I getting enough sleep? Am I eating well? Do I need to go to the doctor and have my thyroid levels checked? Am I avoiding looking at my financial situation because I am afraid of finding out how bad it is? What am I telling myself every day that could be causing/exacerbating my anxiety? Am I trying to do too much? Have I set my expectations for myself or others too high? 

Asking ourselves questions leads us to consider things anew. We must patiently consider issues, and become detectives in our own lives. It can be enlightening (and fascinating!) to actively search for what you might be missing.