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It’s Valentine’s Day – Gag Me with a Heart-Shaped Chocolate Spoon


Valentine_Day_marriage_adviceI just want to ask a question and I want an honest answer: Is there anyone who is ever happy on Valentine’s Day? If so, they are statistically insignificant. So there.

Whether you are single and wish you weren’t, or married and wish you weren’t, or dating and confused about what to do for Valentine’s, we are all in a mess. It’s like we’ve all been transported into a Cuban soap opera – ridiculous, but how to get out of it? There are two ways to enjoy yourself this Valentine’s and they are not dependent on your significant other “getting it right”.

1) If Valentine’s Day is about love, let’s celebrate more than romantic love.

Romantic love is the hook that gets us into a relationship where we get to learn about deeper self-sacrificing love. So, let’s focus on that kind of love today. I may not be the recipient of love, but can I be a giver? Is there someone who needs a kind word, or some of my time? Is there someone I can show love to?

2) Let’s lower our expectations and just be open.

Maybe my significant other gave me a pink spider for Valentine’s (It was the only thing left at the grocery store!), but so what? Does that really mean he doesn’t love me? He probably just got so nervous, he became stupid. Yes, I’ve seen him do that before. I can still appreciate him for who he is, and for his unique qualities. He may not be a Latin lover, but I love him anyway. She may not be super sexy, but I love her anyway. Let’s just have fun this Valentine’s Day, instead of getting so very hurt and upset because someone did not meet our expectations. Let’s just enjoy what there is to enjoy. And let us give the love we already have. I’m sure Wal-Mart will still make a profit if just us chickens bow out this year.