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Valentine’s Day, Expectations, Covid and YOU!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. (Valentine’s Day is generally your last chance to redeem yourself for being such a big disappointment at Christmas.) No matter that most of us are suffering from burn out, brain fog, and decreased mental capacity, WE MUST CONVINCE OUR LOVED ONES THAT WE LOVE THEM WITH EVERY FIBER OF OUR BEING…or else.

Please, can we stop? Let’s give ourselves and everyone else a break this year. We need to bring our expectations in line with reality, especially this year.

Living in sweatpants/pajamas, spending 24/7 with our 3-year olds (the little dears), people dying, watching the unrest in our nation, and just generally coping with all the changes (some minor and some huge) doesn’t mix that well with romance. Or perhaps you are single, and feeling very isolated. Either way, you can’t just impose a typical Valentine’s Day celebration into everything else that’s going on.

However, we can still mark the occasion. What can you do for yourself that would make you feel a little better? Please don’t give your loved one a list of what you want him/her to do for you. That is a set-up for disappointment. Respect your own unique situation, and do the best you can in the circumstances. Don’t demand things of yourself or others that are not very realistic this year.

That said, I would like to give you –dear clients and readers– my love this Valentine’s Day. You mean the world to me. Your courage, perseverance, and willingness to go deep inspires me and warms my heart.