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There has been quite a bit of loss with COVID – jobs, security, the ability to hug our friends, and the list goes on. Some of us have lost loved ones. In addition, there is a growing awareness that our country is experiencing a massive reset. There is an awareness of our mortality. If we are infected, we may die. Someone we love may die. What will still be here when this particular pandemic leaves us? What will be gone for good? How will we be different?

While there are many things we cannot control, one thing we CAN do is look at the glass and see it half full. When we take stock of what we have to work with, we can begin to create. The less we have to work with, the more creative we can be because we have to think differently; we have to dig deeper. We can’t rely on our old way of doing things. There are some benefits that COVID has presented to us. The overscheduling that left many of us exhausted has been interrupted. COVID has pressed pause for us. It is giving us a chance to re-evaluate our lives and our values. How will our lives be different on the other side? We can begin to answer that for ourselves. We didn’t have time to think before. COVID has reminded us that life is often difficult. It has also reminded us that life is a gift. It is showing us that emptiness and fullness co-exist.