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Which you will do sooner or later. I am not talking about discovering that your spouse is actually a double agent, or a serial killer. I’m referring to that time in your life when you think you’ve made a huge mistake because your wife just isn’t supportive, or because your husband doesn’t even know you’re in the room. 

  1. You can flee. You can hightail it out of the relationship and try to “find your soulmate”. You can continue to believe that if you are not “in love” then you cannot have a “happy marriage”.
  2. You can stay together and become angry, bitter and resentful. You can stay together so you can blame the other person for the icky way your life has turned out.
  3. You can now begin the difficult task of learning how to really and truly love another person. This will involve sacrifice and hardship, and you will have to do things you don’t like. You certainly wouldn’t have signed up for this if you hadn’t been intoxicated by being in love. But now that you’re here, you can accept this challenge, and it is a challenge. It’s the hardest thing you will do in your life. Why should you choose this option? Because at the end of the day, love is what it’s all about. Falling in love just happens, but true love is the work of a lifetime.