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Ten Ways to Respect Your Husband

Marital Counseling

Respect_your_husbandSometimes I hear husbands express frustration about not being respected, or about being disrespected. And often, their wives would love to do whatever they could, if only they knew what he was talking about! So, here are ten practical suggestions.

  1. Listen, and don’t interrupt when he is talking. When he is talking, try to keep a positive expression on your face, even when you disagree with him.
  2. Send a special snack with him to work to share with co-workers.
  3. Don’t correct him in front of other people. Wait until you are by yourselves.
  4. Don’t ask him a question and then get impatient when he doesn’t answer right away, or when he needs some time to think about it.
  5. Don’t give him unsolicited advice, even when you know something and you can tell he is not sure. He may want some time to figure things out for himself.
  6. Smile at him. He loves that!
  7. If you are at home when he gets home, stop what you are doing and welcome him with a hug.
  8. Even if you don’t feel this way, act like you trust him to take care of things.
  9. If he likes to be massaged, rub his shoulders for a little while.
  10. Tell him you appreciate how hard he works to provide for you and the family. If you make more money, or he is out of a job right now, tell him you appreciate how he takes care of you in another way.

Sometimes I think women have gotten the message that to show respect to their husbands means that they themselves are “less than”. Not at all!

Respect is a gift you give your husband – it is not something that can be forcibly taken.

Respect is something a husband yearns for from his wife, and when he gets it, he prizes it above all other things.