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See What Happens When You Practice Not Getting Your Own Way

Practice NOT getting you own way

What? Practice NOT getting my own way?! I am supposed to be happy!

I am supposed to be responsible for getting what I want! I am supposed to train the people in my life how to treat me. I am supposed to be assertive. I am supposed to take care of myself. I am supposed to be fierce. I am supposed to be strong. I am supposed to make sure I am taken care of, so that I can take care of others. Yes, I know. But hear me out.

Do you find that trying to get your way is a full-time job?

Are you often angry with those closest to you because they have not “done it right”? Are you stressed, worn out and disappointed much of the time? If so, try not getting your own way. Try letting someone else have things their way. Don’t put yourself first. Don’t try to influence the outcome. Notice that you are upset. Listen to that little voice inside your head that is throwing a fit, and just breathe. Practice mindfulness while you are not getting your way. You may find that you are less at the mercy of pleasing yourself than you thought. As you discover that getting your own way is not as important as it once was, you may find yourself being less anxious and more peaceful. You may find that your relationships improve. As you learn to accept things as they are, you may find happiness stealing upon you when you least expect it.

This is the seventh practice in a series. The first six are: practice listening and understanding, practice speaking with patience, kindness and respect,practice being cheerful, practice showing appreciation, and practice taking care of yourself and practice forgiving as soon as possible.