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Relationship Help: Can it Work for You?


Relationship_helpMost of us need relationship help. And yes, it does work. We all need help because we don’t learn the necessary skills naturally.  We all need help because it’s hard to know ourselves without another person’s perspective.

We all need help because chances are we did not grow up in an environment where those skills were used and taught.  Most of us don’t know that having a happy marriage is a learned skill. Did you know that even ducks have to be taught to swim? They do not do it naturally.  Once the infatuation wears off (and it always does!) we need to learn how to manage the relationship in a healthy way.  Relationships must be fed in order to survive and thrive. Falling in love is like a recruiter.  Its job is to get you into a situation you would never sign up for on your own!

But don’t despair…it’s nothing you can’t handle without a little relationship help.  Read one of the many books on the subject, sign up for an online program, or make an appointment with a therapist. Even if your situation is completely overwhelming and hopeless, get some help. It can and does work.