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Re-Establishing a Self-Care Routine

Self Care tips

Self-care matters. It seems to fall at the bottom of our list when things get a bit hectic, so let’s re-establish a self-care routine.

Self Care tipsThe first thing I want you to do is to go to bed at a decent time. Even if you have insomnia, create a bedtime routine, and stick to it. Turn off the TV and computer an hour before you will be in bed. Take a bath or shower. Brush your teeth. Lay out your clothes for the next morning. Perhaps go to bed early enough to read for awhile. For those of you advanced in self-care, make sure you like your bed. Fluffy pillows, a nice mattress, etc. can add a lot to your day. Perhaps a cup of chamomile tea before bed would be soothing.

The second thing to concentrate on is to have a home that comforts you-not a home that drives you crazy. This may take awhile to establish. That’s ok. Every step in the right direction will make you feel better. If you need to get rid of some clutter, start there. The less clutter you have, the better your home will function, and the easier it is to clean! Dishes and laundry under control are next on this list. There are lots of different ways of accomplishing household tasks. One of my favorite sites is if you would like help with this. Some advanced self-care tips…fill your home with good smells, and make sure you like your lighting.

Third, pamper your body in some way. Take a bath; learn some body reflexology, maybe some yoga. Take a walk outside, weather permitting. Put on lotion. The list goes on. This is not about difficult beauty rituals, but about pampering.

And lastly, take some time just for you. Do you like to read? Knit? Bowl? Indulge a hobby or two. It is wonderfully rejuvenating.

Sometimes we get angry with our spouses because we feel they are not paying enough attention to us. Ask yourself after reading this post if it is possible you need to pay attention to yourself. A little self-care might go a long way toward bringing peace to your home.