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Random Advice on Simplifying Your Complicated Life

simplify your life

simplify your lifeSometimes I am just appalled at how complicated and difficult things have become. Anything and everything you do to simplify makes a difference.

Here are some random thoughts on what you can do….

Limit the amount of time you engage with technology. Only check your email at predetermined times. Set the timer when you go on Facebook, or here’s an idea…get off of it altogether.

Limit the amount of clothes you and your family have.

Do a load of laundry every day.

If possible, live in a smaller house. The cleaning and maintenance are more manageable.

Don’t be afraid to get rid of things you are not using, and do not anticipate needing in the near future. If you make a mistake, you can replace it, but you will be amazed at what you can do without.

Don’t go to Disneyworld for vacation. Go somewhere where you can just chill, look at beautiful nature, eat tuna sandwiches, and play games with your family.

Don’t have a big, fancy birthday party. Keep it simple. You will probably enjoy it more.

Only have two sets of sheets per bed. Same goes for towels.

Turn off the noise. Don’t have the TV on if you really aren’t watching it. Get used to having things be quiet.

Forgive yourself. Forgive other people.

Think about what you are grateful for every day.

Drink enough water.

Don’t let your children be involved in too many activities. It is too stressful on everyone. Let your child have some downtime. Let them be bored. Boredom helps to cultivate a wider sphere of interests.

Don’t try to make yourself or anyone else happy. It’s ok not to like everything. Not trying to make yourself happy cultivates mindfulness.

Learn to say NO!

Don’t eat in the car. Enjoy your meal in a civilized manner.

Keep your kitchen clean.

If you cannot keep your life going when you aren’t feeling well, that means your system is too complicated. Keep simplifying until even your ten-year-old could step in if necessary. If the kitchen is relatively clean, and everyone is happy with a sandwich for dinner, that problem is taken care of if you have the flu. If everyone has to eat something different for dinner, and there are no clean dishes, no one can deal with that except for you, and if you don’t feel well, you can’t deal with it either. Your system has fallen apart because it was too complicated.