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We don’t fight anymore

“It has been nothing short of a miracle at my house in the last year. We are both using the tools you taught us and I feel we are in a true partnership. I never thought in a million years I would be able to report this to you. I no longer impulsively react to negativity. We don’t fight (we talk about problems) and we especially don’t name call and disrespect each other like we used to. We don’t let arguments escalate and I can honestly say they are respectful. I am so grateful for the positive changes that have taken place. When I found you we were barely hanging onto our marriage. You helped us see that, with some willingness and some work, we could be saved. I will never forget when you told us – two people who have recovered from severe addiction absolutely have what it takes to recover from this. You were so right! I truly don’t think we would be where we are today had we not come to you at that exact time – so thank you for that!”

J.S., Fort Worth, TX, March 2017


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April 10, 2017