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When Procrastination is a Good Thing

Obviously, it’s not always a good thing. But procrastination can be very useful especially when you procrastinate on solving problems with your spouse. Leaving problems as they are and looking into their deeper meaning helps you grow closer to your spouse and helps your marriage become stronger. For example, let’s say one of you likes to save money and one of you likes to spend it. Instead of trying to change the other person, or remove the tension between you, you could use it to learn more about your spouse. (I am not talking about compulsive, destructive spending, or obsessive saving.) Ask why it is important for your spouse to save or to spend, and be curious! You are not judging or disapproving. You are finding out more about the person you love. There will be plenty of time to “solve” the financial “problem”.

Procrastinate on trying to change your spouse or yourself. Procrastinate on trying to change their mind, and instead, celebrate the interesting differences between you. Eventually, you will figure out how to deal with various problems…or not. But knowing more about what is important to you and your spouse can only be a good thing.