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It’s Only a Problem if I Say it’s a Problem!

And even then, it’s probably not MY problem! There is a lot of pressure for us to justify our existence by solving problems. And there’s something to be said for solving problems. At the same time, sometimes things are just what they are. There is no real action item. You can just look at it and move on.  You don’t have to do anything about it. For example, if a friend gets upset on your behalf because your spouse didn’t make a big enough deal over Valentine’s Day (in his/her opinion), it doesn’t have to be your problem.  It’s only a problem if you say it’s a problem. We all have to pick our own battles. So, in this instance, I say, it’s not YOUR problem. It’s your friend’s problem. Leave it. Enjoy the way you and your spouse celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Is your house less than perfect? Are your floors not shiny enough? Are you not rich enough, thin enough, smart enough, productive enough? Are you slow? Does it take you all day to get anything done? Are you not driving your children to various activities which are supposed to prepare them to become successful adults? Are you not throwing a spectacular birthday party for your one year old? Is your food not beautiful enough to take a picture of before you eat it? Does your husband forget your birthday? Has your wife gained weight?

It’s only a problem if YOU say it’s a problem.