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A Peaceful House – The Master Bedroom

We live in an age in which peace is pretty thin on the ground. Anything we can do to promote peacefulness will ultimately help our health and relationships, and our enjoyment of life. So, let’s talk about your master bedroom!

Many people use the master bedroom as a dumping ground for stuff that doesn’t have a home at the moment. It is also the place people put home gyms, computers, desks, sewing machines, and televisions. All of these items will make it difficult to rest and rejuvenate. This is so important. I want you to take back your bedroom! Whether you are married or single, you deserve a place where you can go to shut out the world, where you can rest and heal, and where you can relax and unwind. When you open the door to your bedroom, you should say “Ahhhhh”, not “AAAAAGH!” So, how do you achieve this?

First, get rid of everything that doesn’t support the environment you are going for. The home gym has to find another home. Same goes for the computer, sewing machine, television, and anything else which has to do with “work”. Also, clean up the clutter. Your children’s toys have to be taken out. Your clothes need to be hung up. And get that paperwork out of there!

Now, look around. Is your bed comfortable? It should look inviting too. Your bed is not the dumping ground for whatever you are working on. Make your bed in the morning and plump your pillows. It should be ready for you when you need it. Do you have a good lamp to read by, if you read in bed? Do you have a nightstand for your book, glass of water, etc.? If you have anything that could be used for a weapon, take that out of your bedroom.  (No gun racks, crossed swords on the wall, or baseball bats in the closet!) Make sure you can see the doorway from your bed.  According to Feng Shui, that will increase your feeling of safety.  Think about the temperature in your bedroom. Do you need a fan?  Do you need blackout drapes? If you like, and have the room, you can put a comfortable reading chair in your bedroom.  If you have a trashcan in your bedroom, you can remove that too. Candles, comfy throws and a well-placed plant can also increase your enjoyment of your bedroom. Consider removing whatever is under your bed to make you sleep better – another Feng Shui recommendation. There may be a reason you haven’t been sleeping well, and it may have to do with your bedroom! Make your bedroom a place that makes you feel pampered, safe and secure.