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Nobody’s Perfect, But Some People are Just Bat-S— Crazy!

We’ve all got issues, because we’re human. However, you should know that some people are just toxic, mean, crazy, or whatever else you want to call it. And I’m not going to call it “broken” because we are basically all broken. We don’t like to say that because it sounds like we’re “judging” (the only sin left you can be strung up by your toenails for), but let’s be real for a minute. If your mom didn’t remember your birthday this year, and she didn’t remember it the year before that and the year before that, she’s not going to change. Perhaps mothers should love their children, but many of them don’t. Many of them are mean to their children. We don’t have to like it, but eventually we have to accept it. Why? Because as long as we think Mother will (someday) finally acknowledge and love me, we are wasting our precious life energy – energy we could be spending on our lives, or on other relationships – and we are wasting it waiting for someone to change who just isn’t going to change.

Yes, soooometimes there are miraculous events that do cause people to change, but honestly, they are statistically insignificant. Don’t waste another minute waiting for a miracle.

Especially when you’ve got a life to live. YOU are a miracle!! Pay attention to your own soul. You can stop trying to fix someone who isn’t going to get fixed. That’s in God’s realm – not ours. Let go of torturing yourself with what you don’t have, and wake up to what you do have. Birds are singing; coffee’s brewing; there’s a sweet animal at the shelter who just wants to love you and come home with you; other people actually like you and want to spend time with you; there’s someone else in your life who would love it if you paid her some attention.

Yes, it’s sad that your mother / father / sister / brother / aunt / uncle / son / daughter / husband / wife / etc. is an unhappy miserable person intent on making others miserable. I’m not denying that and I’m not asking you to deny it or even to “get over it”. There are sad things in the world. I am asking you to accept the reality of the situation. I’m asking you to give up trying to fix something that can’t be fixed. All the king’s horses, and all the king’s men