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Marriage Advice: How Do I Get My Husband to Listen?

Looking for Marriage Advice on how to get your husband to listen to what your saying?

The short answer to that question is: stop talking.

Many of my female clients think that if they just explain to their husbands what they want so that their husbands understand, they will get what they want. If you change the word explain to communicate, they are exactly right. If talking doesn’t work the first time, resist the temptation to say it louder, faster, after serving him his favorite dinner, while screaming, while wearing a sexy nightgown, in the morning, in the evening, etc. It is time to learn the language that makes sense to your husband – the language of action.

Husbands will often vow to change when it is too late. The wife has already filed for divorce, and has no interest in working on the marriage anymore. He had his chance when she told him what she needed over and over, and he just didn’t listen. Filing for divorce is an action – that’s what got his attention. Filing for divorce is an extreme example. Every action does not have to be negative or drastic. For example, if your husband watches TV and won’t pay attention to you, don’t tell him how that makes you feel. Instead, take the remote control and hide it in your blouse!

Another way of speaking with action is to do the opposite of what your spouse expects you to do. This can be fun. Yes, it isn’t “fair” that you have to learn his language – why doesn’t he have to learn how to communicate with you! However, if you approach this with a spirit of adventure, you could really have fun, broaden your own horizons, and, most importantly, get what you really want and need. (You don’t really want your husband to be your best girlfriend, do you?)

Before you begin, take the time to know what it is you truly want and what you simply cannot compromise on. And once you do, connect with the power of your own will, use your imagination and creativity, and take action.