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How to Let Go of Pain and Struggle

Letting GoOne of the hardest things we have to do is let go of pain and struggle. But that’s only because we don’t know how. There is a physical procedure that you can follow when you are ready to let go of something that may be causing you distress. If you are ready to let go, but just can’t seem to figure out how, keep reading. If you are not ready to let go, welcome the pain into your life.

You can say something like, “I know you are here to bring me something important. Welcome. I am ready to receive the gift and or message you have for me.”

If you are ready to let go, practice letting go on some easier things first. When you are decluttering objects that no longer belong in your house, say “thank you” to the object as you set it aside. You are respecting your past, but letting it go. It doesn’t need to stay with you forever. Breathe deeply in and hold your breath for a second or two. Then exhale deeply. You physically tense when you inhale and when you hold your breath. You physically relax when you exhale and let the breath out. Everything in life has a cycle like this. Things come in and things go out. If you have a problem letting go, you can learn how to do it. A long time ago I studied The Sedona Method. To begin with you hold a pencil in your hand. And then you ask yourself, “Could I let this go? Would I let this go? If so, when?” If your answer is now, you slowly relax your fingers and just let the pencil roll out of your hand. You will learn by letting go of objects that you are ok without the object. In fact, you may even feel lighter and happier.

Perhaps you have some emotional pain you would like to let go of. Many times we think if we forgive people that they will hurt us again. We believe that by not forgiving we are protecting ourselves from future hurt. This is not really how it works. Sometimes we try to change the thing that hurt us.  Maybe if we can change the person who hurt us, or if we can change our perspective of what happened, we will be able to move on. It is easier to let go, while respecting ourselves. We can say to the anger we may have, “Thank you for trying to help me, and good bye. I no longer need to hold onto you. I release you, and ask that you come back to me as a different energy.” Of course you can say whatever makes sense to you. That was just an example.  The point is you are not at the mercy of whatever anyone decides to do at any given moment. Yes, you will have feelings about it. If someone hits you with a hammer, it is going to hurt! But the hammer incident does not necessarily need to become the most important event of your life. When you are ready, you can have compassion for yourself and let go.