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How To Love Yourself Series

love yourself

The common thread woven through each thought-provoking and solution-oriented segment of my How to Love Yourself series is that loving yourself releases you to love others.

It’s not a self-centered act; rather, it is preparation for becoming a better friend, lover, member of the community and someone who touches the lives of those around you. Others begin to see you as lovable and in the process, you change your world in marvelous and self-empowering ways.

This series offers real-world, practical guidance and exercises, beginning with the simple act of decluttering your physical surroundings. We then move on to the kindness you extend to your spouse, eating and sleeping well, letting go of self-criticism, practicing mindfulness and self-esteem. And finally, I take you on an inward journey of self-exploration to a place where you discover the essence of who you are.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this series on how to love yourself! If you have any questions give me call at 817-703-3319.