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What Would Happen if You Took a Day Off?

What would happen if I took a day off?

What would happen if you woke up one day and you just really allowed yourself to have a day off? You could take as much time as you wanted to read, or re-organize your CDs or just putter around your house. You could have a tuna fish sandwich for lunch. Yes, you might hear those voices in your head you have been ignoring. But that would be ok. Who would you be just for one day without the projects, the running, the scurrying, and the frustration? What if you just allowed yourself to be in your body and your house, and if you allowed yourself to have your own thoughts?

Perhaps your spirit would have time for refreshment. You might reconnect with yourself. If you suffer from loneliness, perhaps you are really lonely for yourself. Schedule some time to rest, relax and just exhale. I know, I know…you have kids, and you have to go to this meeting and that meeting, etc. etc. What would happen if you had a nervous breakdown, or died? The world would go on without you. Take a break from everything. Pretend you are five years old. If you want to sit on the floor and match up your plastic lids to your plastic containers, go for it. Let yourself have time to process.  Listen to and honor your own thoughts and wishes. I give you permission.  You know what? This would be a great thing to do once a week!