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Do you feel like running away from your crazy life?

Do you feel like running away from your crazy life?

It’s December – and you may feel like getting on your Harley and heading West just to escape your crazy life.

Who could blame you? Let’s examine things one by one…
Your child’s school needs cupcakes and cookies and 10 extra hours of volunteer time for the annual fundraiser. Your church needs you to go shopping for presents for families it has decided to sponsor. Your spouse’s work is having their annual Christmas party and you need a new outfit, not to mention a haircut and a pedicure. You are worried about money and are starting to resent the money your spouse spends on gifts and decorations. Your house is a mess. The school is requesting a parent teacher conference because your 1st grader is beating up his refugee classmate because they talk funny. Your best friend is having an affair and needs to “talk it out”, in detail, with you. Your mom is divorcing your dad and thinks he should live with you. Your spouse has stopped wanting sex, or they want it twice a day because they are stressed. Your dog has begun scooting around the house on its bottom and your vet is on vacation. Oh, and you are supposed to be in three different places on Christmas Day.  

If you are not crazy, you should be! But there’s hope.

You don’t need a different life; you need boundaries. You probably won’t be able to establish boundaries overnight, but you can start making changes that will help immediately. Think baby steps!

Please know that just because someone expects you to do something doesn’t mean you have to do it. And yes, you are right, those people who don’t get their way are not going to be happy about it. But if it’s between you or them, choose you!

Schedule an appointment with me if you need help with establishing boundaries. They really can help you create a more enjoyable and manageable life.