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The Fastest Way to Reduce Your Anxiety

Reduce your anxiety fast

Reduce your anxiety fastThis advice goes against the grain of our entire society, but it is guaranteed to help you reduce your anxiety in record time.

Stop trying to make yourself happy.

That’s it. Just quit the job of trying to create a life that you like.

Don’t ask yourself if you are happy.

Don’t ask yourself if you like something or don’t like it.

Take whether or not you are happy or like something off the table entirely. You may not like your job, your house, your clothes, your body, your friends, your spouse, your children, or yourself right now. But it is not your job to try to “fix that” anymore. Just think! You don’t have to have any more meetings, join any more programs, read any more blogs (except mine, of course!), buy any more clothes, etc., etc., etc. You can be honest with yourself and accept that you don’t like something and you aren’t happy with something without trying to change it!

The truth of the matter is, things are always changing. If you just accept that you aren’t happy, and go off and do something else, things may have changed next time you decide to check in and evaluate the situation. Making yourself happy and keeping yourself happy is a gargantuan task. Quit that thankless job and just do what needs to be done. You will probably notice that your anxiety level has dropped considerably.