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You’ve decided to get out of the rat race and lead a more peaceful life, or at least you are interested in the concept. You are getting rid of stuff, getting rid of too many activities, and you are practicing meditation. Good for you! You are even implementing systems and routines so that bedtime and mornings are smoother and less stressful. Good, good, good.

There is something more you can do to let more peace and enjoyment into your life: accept that you are unique and learn to love yourself.

There will never be another person exactly like you in the entire world — ever! You can love yourself right now. You don’t have to wait until you are “acceptable”, until you have lost weight, or have cleaned up your house, etc.

Loving yourself is a decision and also an action.

  • It is loving yourself when you give your body enough water and nourishing foods.
  • It is loving yourself when you go to bed at a decent hour.
  • It is loving yourself when you make sure your house is a place you want to be.
  • It is loving yourself when you celebrate what you have done instead of being anxious about what still needs doing.
  • It is loving yourself when you decide that you will not have plastic surgery. You will live your life and celebrate who you are today.
  • It is loving yourself to forgive yourself.
  • It is loving yourself to accept your limitations and other people’s limitations.

You don’t need to look for the cheese at the end of the rat race, and fight other rats to get it. You can enjoy today. (You probably don’t want that stinky ole cheese anyway.)

To find the love you want, start learning to love yourself.