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Don’t Take Your Love for Granted!

Or your life for that matter. Celebrate it! Here are 4 ways you can start today:

  1. Clean up your bedroom!
    I realize this may take longer than a day, but for today, I want you to change your mind about your bedroom. It is NOT a dumping ground. It is not overflow storage. It is not a place for the kids to jump on the bed, and dump their toys. It is not a crash pad  It is not a place you can get some extra work done. It is not a crafting room. It is the place where you – if you are single – or you and your partner — rest and heal and have time to yourself or time together, and you deserve to have a nice room to go to at the end of the day! Your bedroom should have a bed, bedside tables, chests of drawers, and that’s about it.  If you have room for a reading chair, that is fine. But, seriously, get your computers, sewing machines, televisions, and extra junk out of there!  Make your bed when you get up. It is so much more inviting. Ask yourself if you would take a hot date into your bedroom for a night of passion.  If the answer is no, not until I put away the clothes, and get the food encrusted plates out of there, then make it so. Make it a nice place to be. If it has become a place to be avoided unless you are totally exhausted, that is not going to help keep romance in your marriage. If you are single, it is not going to help you rest and heal and take care of yourself.
  2. Have a reuniting ritual.
    When your spouse comes home, do you ignore each other, criticize each other, or instantly start barking out orders for jobs to do at home?  If so, consciously decide on a reuniting ritual. When your special person comes home, hug him/her. Ask him how his/her day was. Or perhaps you would like to slow dance for a minute. Or perhaps you will fist bump each other. You are a unique couple! Celebrate yourselves with a ritual that belongs to you alone.  It will make you want to see each other at the end of the day.
  3. Talk to each other for 2 uninterrupted minutes every day.
    Perhaps that will be in the morning lying in bed before the day starts, or at the end of the day.  It’s just 2 minutes with no electronic devices, children, work, etc. Just the two of you for two minutes.
  4. Touch each other every day.
    Reconnect with a hug, a kiss, a butterfly kiss, a hand rub, a foot rub, an Eskimo kiss (can you even say that anymore? If not, sorry.  Don’t know the new word for it!) Or just hold hands.

If you are lucky enough to have love in your life, take care of it.  Pay attention to your love.  Celebrate it. You don’t need to wait until you feel like it to start these habits, just like you don’t need to wait until you feel like it to water the plants  Just do it and see what happens!