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Change Your Environment, Change Your Relationship


Your environment is a very important part of your life and therefore, your relationships. I have been learning a little about feng shui, and I came across some very interesting tips for the bedroom.

  1. Look around your bedroom and see if there are any “instruments of war” hanging around. Do you have an antique knife somewhere? Crossed swords on the wall? A lighter in the shape of a gun? If so, please move the item out of your bedroom. You may just find you are less inclined to fight when those items are not there anymore.
  1. Keep your bedroom as low tech as possible. It should be a room that is for sleeping, resting, healing and loving. Keep it free from anything having to do with work.
  1. Try having pairs of items, instead of single items. For example, have a pair of lamps, a pair of chairs, or a pair of candlesticks.
  1. Introduce some pink. Pink is the color of love. Apparently, you don’t need a lot of pink to reap the rewards of it. Alternatively, blue is a good color for relationships.
  1. You will sleep better if nothing is under the bed.
  1. Position the bed so you can see the entrance into the room. This makes you feel calmer and safer.

Feng shui aside, it makes sense that your environment influences how you feel and therefore, your relationships. If you have ever walked into an elegant hotel, where everything was subdued, hushed, and luxurious, I’m sure you felt more ready to relax and enjoy yourself. Personally, I find that nice pillows, sheets and bedding make me feel better. If you don’t have the money to make expensive changes, just cleaning up the clutter, and making the bed makes a big difference. A lovely bedroom might be a nice Christmas gift.