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How to Deal with Demanding People

Do you ever wonder why demanding doesn’t work? There are reasons your demands are being met with resistance. When people get demanding, it may be because they are alarmed and are thinking of something as an emergency or survival situation. The demander doesn’t know what to do and thinks the demandee does. It is like a child screaming to its mother. When this happens, the… Read More »How to Deal with Demanding People

Put Some Mystery in Your Marriage

The thrill is gone. It happens. Let’s leave off talking about sex and romance for the time being and talk about mystery. That’s a word you don’t hear too often in marriage counseling.

Valentine’s Day, Expectations, Covid and YOU!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. (Valentine’s Day is generally your last chance to redeem yourself for being such a big disappointment at Christmas.) No matter that most of us are suffering from burn out, brain fog, and decreased mental capacity, WE MUST CONVINCE OUR LOVED ONES THAT WE LOVE THEM WITH EVERY FIBER OF OUR BEING…or else. Please, can we stop? Let’s give ourselves and… Read More »Valentine’s Day, Expectations, Covid and YOU!

Help I'm Married To A Slob

Help! I’m Married to a Slob!

I have had numerous clients – both men and women—who are in severe distress because their spouses are messy and/or are not doing their fair share of the housework, and it is driving them crazy. Some have been so miserable that they have seriously considered divorce. They have tried everything and it isn’t working, and they just can’t live like this anymore. If this is… Read More »Help! I’m Married to a Slob!

Do You and Your Spouse Fight Over Housework?

Couples fight over housekeeping all the time. Take two people with different ideas about what “clean” means, different expectations about what is acceptable, throw in a busy schedule, a couple of children, a dog and/or a cat or two, (or six-Ahem!) and you’ve got all the ingredients necessary for a trip to the marriage counselor. What to do?

There Are 3 Things You Can Do When You Discover Your Husband/Wife Isn’t the Person You Married…

Which you will do sooner or later. I am not talking about discovering that your spouse is actually a double agent, or a serial killer. I’m referring to that time in your life when you think you’ve made a huge mistake because your wife just isn’t supportive, or because your husband doesn’t even know you’re in the room.  You can flee. You can hightail it… Read More »There Are 3 Things You Can Do When You Discover Your Husband/Wife Isn’t the Person You Married…

The Fastest Way to Happiness

No, it’s not filing for divorce. It’s not minimalism, or homesteading, or cleaning out your closets. It’s not losing 50 pounds, or getting a degree, or remodeling your kitchen, or having more sex with your spouse, etc. The fastest way to be happy is to accept things as they are now, and to decide to be happy. You actually have the power to be happy… Read More »The Fastest Way to Happiness