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How and why you should be cheerful

How to be cheerful Cheerful is such an old-fashioned word. We hardly ever hear (or say) it anymore. (We reserve the word “cheerful” for Santa Claus.) To be cheerful means to be full of good spirits, to communicate good to those around you. However, watching the news, rushing around, and just living in our modern world can take its toll. We must consciously decide to… Read More »How and why you should be cheerful

30 Ways to Ruin Your Marriage

Follow these instructions to the letter and see what happens to your marriage. Complain constantly. Tell your spouse everything that bothers you about them. Be sure to repeat yourself often, as you know your spouse can’t remember what you said even 30 minutes ago. If anything goes wrong, be sure to blame the other person. Spend all of your free time on your phone and… Read More »30 Ways to Ruin Your Marriage

5 Back-to-School Life Hacks

It’s the little things sometimes that make or break us. Here are some ideas for making going back-to-school easier: Lock up all electronic devices one hour before your kids’ bedtime. Turn off the TV. Stop looking at any lighted screen. Get ready for bed and wind down. This goes for everybody in the house! You need your rest! Do not let your children sign up… Read More »5 Back-to-School Life Hacks

How to Deal with Demanding People

Do you ever wonder why demanding doesn’t work? There are reasons your demands are being met with resistance. When people get demanding, it may be because they are alarmed and are thinking of something as an emergency or survival situation. The demander doesn’t know what to do and thinks the demandee does. It is like a child screaming to its mother. When this happens, the… Read More »How to Deal with Demanding People