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A new take on New Year Resolutions

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Get your finances in order? Get your house in order? Lose weight? Start exercising? Join a gym? Get your closet and wardrobe in order? Fix your marriage or else? Please throw these resolutions out the window!  This year, I want you to consider a different kind of resolution: resolve to listen to your body and reclaim your health slowly… Read More »A new take on New Year Resolutions

How to Lower Stress and Calm Down for the Holidays!

Most of us anticipate the holidays with mixed feelings—joy and excitement mixed with dread and depression. Sometimes the negative emotions seem to push out the positive ones. How can we calm down and lower our stress, especially during this hectic time? Build in some cushion. Expect delays. Don’t schedule three different visits to relatives in one day, even if you didn’t get to visit everyone… Read More »How to Lower Stress and Calm Down for the Holidays!

Valentine’s Day, Expectations, Covid and YOU!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. (Valentine’s Day is generally your last chance to redeem yourself for being such a big disappointment at Christmas.) No matter that most of us are suffering from burn out, brain fog, and decreased mental capacity, WE MUST CONVINCE OUR LOVED ONES THAT WE LOVE THEM WITH EVERY FIBER OF OUR BEING…or else. Please, can we stop? Let’s give ourselves and… Read More »Valentine’s Day, Expectations, Covid and YOU!

Happy (COVID-19) Thanksgiving!

The holidays are generally an opportunity to suffer due to unrealistic expectations, and this year is going to be extra special! But seriously folks, let’s make it easier on ourselves and “unpack” what Thanksgiving might look like this year. First of all, I don’t see how we are supposed to even have Thanksgiving after having read the CDC’s guidelines. So, if you really want to… Read More »Happy (COVID-19) Thanksgiving!

The Holidays, the Pandemic, and You

Soon, the holidays will be upon us. Whichever holidays you celebrate, most of them involve getting together with family and friends. If you are in an area where you can’t celebrate outside and stand at least six feet apart, it’s rather confusing to navigate how we will celebrate this year. Some of your family/friends feel very strongly about wearing masks, ventilating if possible, and washing… Read More »The Holidays, the Pandemic, and You

Discuss your holiday expectations to avoid disaster!

Family rituals are the glue that holds families together. And they really come into play during the holidays. Now is the time to sit down with your spouse and decide what traditions you want to keep from your families of origin, and what traditions you would like to create for your own family. Be explicit. We tend to think everyone celebrated the holidays like our… Read More »Discuss your holiday expectations to avoid disaster!

Thanksgiving is a Set-Up for Relationship Problems

Relationship problems seem to get worse at Thanksgiving. I really believe it’s because our concept of Thanksgiving encourages us to have unreasonable expectations. There is a place in our brains labeled “Thanksgiving”. In it, there is a harvest table laden with a golden brown turkey, steaming casseroles, polished silverware and sparkling crystal glasses. The furniture is gleaming – there is a faint hint of lemon… Read More »Thanksgiving is a Set-Up for Relationship Problems

It’s That Time of Year When the World Falls Apart…

Yes, Christmas is upon us. I have been looking around online to see what people are saying about how to handle the stress of the holidays and the general consensus seems to be the following: Declutter everything. Have a meeting with your family and friends in which you enlist the support of everyone for a less stressful holiday. Figure out how to visit five different… Read More »It’s That Time of Year When the World Falls Apart…