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Thanksgiving is a Set-Up for Relationship Problems

Why is Thanksgiving a set-up for relationship problems? Because our concept of Thanksgiving encourages us to have unreasonable expectations.  There is a place in our brains labeled “Thanksgiving”. In it, there is a harvest table laden with a golden brown turkey, steaming casseroles, polished silverware and sparkling crystal glasses. The furniture is gleaming – there is a faint hint of lemon polish competing with all… Read More »Thanksgiving is a Set-Up for Relationship Problems

Crisis Decision-making

Quite a few of us have now learned that crisis decision making is not just for CEOs, heads of state, and whoever is in charge of nuclear plants. It’s for all of us when life as we know it collapses in the time it takes to say “rolling blackout”. During this last winter storm, here is what I did: Stay warm enough to stay alive.… Read More »Crisis Decision-making

I just flat out don’t want to!

I think “lifestyle creep” has been taking its toll for some time and COVID has shown us so many things just don’t work well for us. When regular life is a huge struggle, something is wrong. We are not training for the Olympics, after all. We’re just trying to get the kids to their next game, help them with their homework, have dinner, do dishes,… Read More »I just flat out don’t want to!

When Life Gets Overwhelming

And we are scrambling to keep up, press pause with me for a minute. Let’s talk about all this. There may be a number of things that you have no control over right now. Are you and your spouse working from home? Do you have children that are now home as well? When your stress level has risen considerably, look at what you can control.… Read More »When Life Gets Overwhelming

One reason you are not having sex

Most people have problems in the bedroom at one time or another. And sometimes those problems can be complicated. But SOMETIMES it’s pretty straightforward.  Ahem. Do your children come into your bedroom quite often? Do they climb into bed with you when they are scared, etc.? Does no one in your house stay in their own bed all night long? Do you drag pillows and… Read More »One reason you are not having sex

Family Getting On Your Nerves During Lockdown?

Are you now in the situation so many others are dealing with? Two people working from home in addition to home schooling your children? Feeling a bit crowded? Or perhaps downright bloodthirsty? Don’t let the guilt consume you –just because you want to murder someone doesn’t mean you don’t love him/her. However, murder is a messy, inefficient solution to the problems you are now facing.… Read More »Family Getting On Your Nerves During Lockdown?