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Better Mornings Start at Night

Better Mornings Start at Night

We live in a fast paced cluttered up world. It’s easy to drop the ball when too much is going on all the time. One way to keep up is to create an evening ritual that will pay off every morning — and to write it down. You may think if it’s simple enough you will just remember, but writing it down is important.

Here is my routine:

  1. Change the pet’s water and food.
  2. Lay out my clothes for the next day. (I lay out everything, including shoes and undies.)
  3. Look at my calendar to see what’s going on tomorrow.
  4. Put everything I will need the next day by the front door.
  5. Take my bath and brush my teeth.
  6. Go to bed by 11:00.

Sometimes I am so tired when I get home, I like knowing I have all this written down, and can check it to see if I have forgotten anything. This routine really pays off in the morning because I don’t have to think about what to wear or what to take with me. I can deal with stuff that happens in the morning. (My dogs keep me on my toes.) I won’t run out the door and realize later I forgot something.

Do you have a routine to help you in the mornings? If not, get you one!  Keep it simple, and write it down.