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What People Are Saying

“Lynn is wonderful! She has really helped with the things that have been affecting my life. I am able to see things better and look forward to moving on with life. She is the best!”
– Anonymous – via Healthgrades.com

“Lynn Busch has been in the counseling field for many years. She’s seen it and heard it all. She is one of the most caring and compassionate therapists I know and very capable of helping you navigate through life.”
– Paula L. via Google

“Can’t thank Lynn Busch enough! She gave us the tools to live a happy, vibrant, and loving commitment to each other! I can still feel like a 13-year-old with my husband! If you need any advice or help don’t hesitate to call on her. She is awesome.”
– Ben & Natalie S. via Facebook

“A true healer who listens and THEN teaches. She will work with you and really puts her heart into her practice. What else can I say? Amazing!”
– G.W.C. via Yelp

“Lynn has been my counselor for several years and she has been wonderful. Her approach is very solution-focused and she’s great at identifying (well, helping me identify, really) small, manageable things I can do to advance larger goals.”
– Britt – via Healthgrades.com

“As a colleague, I can highly recommend Lynn for couples counseling. She is willing to do whatever it takes to help folks resolve their issues. She is a caring and talented professional.”
– Linda K. via Facebook

“I totally agree with the other reviews. Lynn is a great teacher. Very empathetic, excellent listener, and very intuitive to actually ‘hear’ what is being said. She is truly ‘there’ when you are with her. It’s your time and life and she offers you good value for both.”
– Wacomac M. via Yelp

“My wife and I were referred to Lynn a couple of years ago and she is amazing. She has helped us with typical marriage type issues and with each of us on an individual basis. I have since referred a couple of friends and they agree that Lynn is the best. Thank you, Lynn!!”
– Austin R. via Google

“Lynn is an absolute Angel! She really is incredibly compassionate, caring, wise, relatable, and skilled! She has truly given us the tools to be even more successful and stronger in our lives! Lynn is the greatest! She is such an amazing counselor and a wonderful person!”
– J.J. via Yelp

“I have been seeing Lynn for about a year and a half and she is amazing! I have learned so much from her and she has taught me so many tools to better navigate my life. I feel so comfortable with her and we talk about everything. Thanks to Lynn I have gotten my life under control and am excited again about the future!”
– Mika F. via Yelp

“I have known Lynn for years first as a counselor to my son when he was in his teens and later as a personal counselor to me. Having survived a narcissistic relationship leading to a 10-month marriage, I owe so much to Lynn who guided me through the ‘trauma’. She is compassionate and understanding. I would not use anyone else.”
– Pat S. via Yelp

“Our marriage has been transformed since working with Ms. Busch. She has given us tools for improving our communication and we are happier than we have ever been.”
– Selwyn N. – via Healthgrades.com

“Making the decision to see Lynn has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She offers wisdom, compassion, directness, and knowledge, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of laughter. Working with Lynn has helped improve all aspects of my life. Through her, I’ve learned the skills to help me become a better wife, mother, sister, friend, and even teacher. Lynn is truly dedicated to helping YOU. In my opinion, there is no one else like her, and I feel lucky to have found her. ”
– Cin S. Via Yelp.

“Lynn Busch is an angel on earth! She has been my counselor and life coach for five years now. She is my go-to wise advisor whenever I need her. Thank you my dear friend for what you do for me and many others! Love you, Lana.”
– Lana S. via Yelp

“A while ago, I landed on your blog. I saved the website on my phone because I liked it so much.
I just read some of your recent postings They are even more comforting because they speak to what we are all experiencing together in the moment.
I hope you know your work and writings are reaching those far beyond your practice.”
– Kathleen C. via email

“You might need someone to talk to, about how to get through your life sometimes. Lynn Busch is the person you need to talk to. I have spoken with her many times, and she has always helped me to see my situation, no matter how bleak or troubling, in a constructive and helpful way. I am convinced that I am a better person from taking Lynn Busch’s advice. And I know you will be happy that you talked to her. She never candy coats your problems, she works with you to find results that make your life better in tangible meaningful ways. My name is Brandon, and I am proud to say Lynn Busch is my mother. I think I am uniquely qualified to give this review, you see, she has been a positive force and guiding light in my world for my whole life.”
– Brandon B. via Yelp

“I saw Lynn as an individual. She helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She is compassionate and caring. She does not judge. She helped me learn that all I needed to have a happy and fulfilling life was already inside me. She also taught me the healing power of forgiveness. I am forever thankful that she was part of my life.”
– Marilyn V. via Google

“Lynn Busch can save your marriage. I have seen the results, she’s amazing.”
– Matthew H. via Yelp

“Lynn is wonderful, and I can’t say enough good things about her counseling sessions.”
– Katherine L. via Google

“Lynn WILL make your marriage stronger and better. There is no doubt about it. I was referred to her by a friend who has been seeing her for years. She is a great listener. Has tremendous experience. She makes you feel very comfortable and her experience with marriage counseling really shows. Thanks, Lynn!
– Mike S. via Google

“Lynn is a true professional and a wonderful person. I would recommend her to anyone!”
– Adrianne H. via Facebook

“I have referred several clients to Lynn – all have been very pleased with her competence, professionalism, and warmth.”
– Jerry C. via Google

“Lynn has absolutely changed my life. She has helped me to see things differently, to develop new skills, and to almost rewire my brain. My life is now so much more enjoyable. I feel much more able to handle difficulties when they come along. I have been able to help others with the things I have learned from Lynn. I credit her with saving my marriage, and now I am soooo happy I stayed with my husband. Meeting Lynn was one of the greatest blessings of my life.”
– Courtney H. – via Healthgrades.com 
“Lynn is an excellent couples counselor who provides compassionate, caring, and wise counsel for those struggling with their relationship. I can highly recommend her for those seeking to improve their relationships!”
– Kay Byers, MEd, LPS-S – via Psychologytoday.com