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7 Ways Make Your Home a Safe Place

It’s important for us all that our homes feel safe, now more so than ever I believe. This is one area we can all work on. We may not be able to achieve all that we would wish for at the present moment, but there is a lot we can do to achieve peace in our home — right now especially.

Item 1:  Let us resolve to use our best manners as much as possible; remember to say “please” and “thank you” – not because we are “one down”, but as a way of treating others in our household with gentleness and respect.

Item 2:  Let us look up from our devices and make eye contact with those with whom we share our house. Smile at them whenever possible and appropriate to let them know they are safe in our presence.

Item 3:  Let us do what we can to bring down the noise level in our home. Silence can help us heal and calm down.

Item 4:  Let us resolve to treat ourselves and others with kindness, in all circumstances.

Item 5:  Let us withhold judgment, and anger, and realize we are all probably doing the best we can.

Item 6:  Let us resolve to be patient with the foibles and frailties of others, and especially with ourselves.

Item 7:  Let us look for opportunities to lend a hand to others, whether in our household or as we go about our day out in the world. Perhaps an older person needs help getting something down from the shelf at the grocery store. Just little things.

I know when someone is kind to me, it means more than that person probably knows. We all have that same power to promote healing and safety in our own little corner of the world.