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46 Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You

  1. Wash the dishes.
  2. Turn off the TV.
  3. Stop texting other people.
  4. Get off Facebook.
  5. Look at your true love.
  6. Listen.
  7. Be curious.
  8. Hold hands.
  9. Butterfly kisses on his/her face.
  10. Eskimo kisses.
  11. Soft kisses.
  12. Passionate kisses.
  13. Hug him/her a little longer.
  14. Smell his/her neck and hair.
  15. Hold his/her hand up to your cheek and close your eyes.
  16. Put gas in the car.
  17. Wash the car.
  18. Do the laundry.
  19. Rub her feet!
  20. Hold hands when you walk together.
  21. Compliment him/her in front of another person.
  22. Massage his/her shoulders.
  23. Bring him/her a drink or a cup of coffee.
  24. Laugh at his/her jokes.
  25. Let him/her know you know (s)he’s sad and having a hard time, and say you’re sorry about that.
  26. Don’t try to fix it.
  27. Watch his/her favorite TV show.
  28. Call and ask if you can have lunch together.
  29. Pick up your socks!
  30. Cook something good for dinner.
  31. Put a chocolate kiss by his/her plate.
  32. Serenade him/her with a romantic show tune.
  33. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself – that’s part of the fun.
  34. Put your head on his shoulder.
  35. Give her the hairy eyebrow.
  36. Put your hand on his/her cheek.
  37. Stroke his/her hair.
  38. Hold the door open.
  39. Call him/her by a pet name.
  40. Throw in a new pet name every so often.
  41. Clean the stuff nobody wants to clean.
  42. Buy life insurance.
  43. Don’t say one critical thing for three days.
  44. Say thank you.
  45. Say I’m sorry.
  46. Play footsie.