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18 Ways to Show Your Partner You Care – Not!

18 ways to show your partner you care by Lynn Busch


It takes a lot to keep a marriage strong. Here are some suggestions that will help you show your spouse how much (s)he means to you. 

  1. Text someone while your spouse is talking to you.
  2. Greet the dog and your kids before you say hello to your spouse when you get home.
  3. Don’t bother saying hello or hugging your spouse when he comes home; you could just yell from the other room that the trash needs to be taken out, and did he remember to bring the milk home from the grocery store.
  4. Roll your eyes when he says something you think is stupid.
  5. Interrupt her to ask a question completely unrelated to what she’s talking about.
  6. Lean your head back with your eyes closed while she is talking. If you explain that you are just resting your eyes, it won’t look like you’re not listening.
  7. When you say his name, make sure you do so in an exasperated tone of voice.
  8. When you feel rejected because she doesn’t want to have sex with you, intimidate her and let her know you are really angry with her.
  9. Don’t forget to check your email during foreplay.
  10. Avoid your spouse by spending hours on FaceBook.
  11. Try to begin most of your sentences with “You always”, or “You never”.
  12. Make sure the gas is almost empty when you bring the car home so she will have to fill it up first thing.
  13. Sigh loudly in front of others when he tells a story you’ve heard before.
  14. Ogle other women in her presence.
  15. Act like you are disappointed and angry with him all the time.
  16. Yell at her when she does something you don’t like.
  17. Remember to insult each other, blame each other, and call each other names.
  18. If none of these suggestions work, ignore each other whenever possible.